Story of a Herder loyalty

This is a story of loyalty shepherd dog that eventually died at the end of a police assault rifle. In fact, a few minutes earlier, the dog had shown loyalty to his master matchless who had died a week.This story begins with the discovery of Samiaji Jonathan (43), heir Heritage Herb Shop, The Big 39 Market Street, Malang, who died rotting in the store on Thursday (21/10). Police Chief Commissioner Klojen City Sector Kartono said, the discovery of the bodies came from citizens with suspicion of foul odor in the store."The stench is already smelled residents since three days earlier," said Kartono.Trying to answer suspicions, Community Protection officers (the Well) in the region, Suroso, finally took the initiative to call the Police Sector Klojen City. There was a long wait, a number of police arrived to the scene.At the same time, residents also picked Lili Lusiana (63), Jonathan's aunt, who is believed to be one of his next of kin. Upon approval Lili also, at 09.00 am, the police began to dismantle the shop door was locked from the inside.Inside, police found the body of Jonathan who lay rotting on a shabby couch. However, just about to approach the body, the sound of barking dogs startled the officers were about to evacuate the bodies of the single men.A German shepherd, is large enough, standing on the side of the body of Jonathan. Most police officers, including Chief of Police Unit Sabhara Malang AKP Susanto, tell, the dog was pretty scary.His eyes stared wildly at all the police who entered the room. As he continues to bark, he also had a great showing off his fangs.Every now and then he walked up and down, showing no sense of joy to strangers. Every police tried to approach the bodies, unrequited barking of the dog. That's why, instead of approaching the body of Jonathan, there are many police who even dare to go into the room.Susanto actually had the initiative to tame the dog with a squirt of pepper spray. However, police innate spray guns known as OC (capsicum oloresin) -3 not immune to this fact."The dog was just running backwards, but instead approached the victim's body," said Susan.Plan A fails, then the police began to think of other ways to approach the dog. The way in which the handler is to call the dog.Plan B is apparently successful. With a length of bamboo splinter, three handler, the dog tamer complete outfit, succeeded in directing the dog to go to the bathroom.As soon as possible after the dog entered, a handler lock the bathroom from the outside, until finally the body of Jonathan evacuation process runs smoothly.Fear of rabiesAfter the evacuation of bodies, another problem arises, namely what to do with the dog. Kartono admitted it was up to the fate of the dog Lili. To Jonathan's aunt, Kartono gives two options, take-out, or killed on the spot.The second option, according Kartono, given concerns given the police a dog can be dangerous for people around. "After all, we do not know the dog's history. For example, what if she get rabies, "he said.Lili, who is not willing to take care of him, finally agreed to the second option. Kartono and police officials also agreed to shoot the dog dead.In an empty room, the dog was shot twice with a rifle belonging to a SS1-V2 Sabhara personnel. "The first shot, the dog actually fell, but still breathing. Two minutes later, we decided to give a second shot, "said Kartono. Dogs whose ancestors came from Germany was also followed his master into the afterlife.Kartono also said, after confirmed dead, Lili had asked residents and police to help bury the dog in a patch of vacant land behind the store.Regarding this incident, Lili did not have time to explain a lot of things. He admits that they are very saddened by the death of her niece.However, he suspects, Jonathan died because of pain he suffered from childhood asthma. And he knows exactly, if the dog is in Jonathan.In fact, according to Lili, Jonathan has been a very long time to raise the dog. "Since the baby, the dog was bred by Jonathan until now. As I recall used to be a friend, "said Lili.Lili also admits, his nephew, known as the lonely widower whose life has completely closed. He was personally reticent introvert.Moreover, since he failed to settle down. He is known for getting shut out bersosial life.The sad life of Jonathan was actually visible from the conditions in his home, unkempt and full of dust. "For pity, occasionally, I drove her to eat. But, it is also very rare, "said Lili, who last month admitted that he had last met with Jonathan.The dog, said Lili and a number of local residents, it is the only figure Jonathan friend that accompany everyday life. Residents believe, the dog continued to keep Jonathan, until his master was killed rot though.There are allegations that the dog had not eaten for a week. Based on the description of a citizen, the store closed about a week, and just four days ago people smell foul. Residents estimate, Jonathan died since last week so it can not feed the dog.Hostility shown to the officers that the dog because the dog was allegedly not want anyone to disturb his master. Not surprisingly, it was dog act this way.

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